Yes, another social network.

What Github is for code, we are for experiences.

Adventure Management

Discover and organize the adventures you want to experience, and who you want to experience it with - then make it happen.

Experience Collaboration

Create, search, fork, tag, improve and share a vast database of experiences and associated artifacts.

Community Development

There is no better knowledge base than avid travelers and adventurers, connect with those people; their beloved destinations and activities.

Discover, Plan and Execute

Life is about experiences, get it done.

Be a trail blazer

As you go out in the world and pave the way for new adventures, convert them into collaborative artifacts for others to enjoy and improve.

Be the catalyst

Everyone needs a spark in their life to encourage going out of the comfort zone, be the spark in your social group to light the fire of adventure.

The experience management toolbox

Finding, planning, funding and executing upon a group adventure is an experience similar to herding cats, it doesn't have to be this hard. We have integrated ith all the necessary services to help you discover the right adventure for your group, invite those people from your favorite social networks, collect necessary funds, execute, and then catalog the memories.

Innovative tools

Using common change management software, we can allow everyone to copy, modify or suggest improvements on any adventure or experience - without losing any of the past.

Fork that